In the window of my heart, you can see all that I am

The essence of spirits unmoved in the darkness of eyes of old

With legends still untold, the story begins with stare

Wait longer, you’re too young to change the world all alone

Wait longer, you ask me the things people still want to know

Some people sail to the edge of the world

Some want to fly through the sky

You ask me why ‘the eagle has landed’ society frowns

In all the world, catastrophy finds the world upside down

Wait longer for a sign

Wait longer

Seasons change, spinning worlds collide

Stars fall and some rise with the speed of light

Are you the one

The storyteller of old ancient ways

The one who has seen the past

And knows where the future can lead us today

Are you the one

Who knows the answers to all of my youth

Can you tell me, can I believe

What is the truth

Wait for a sign

When I look upon the eyes of the morning

With the bloodred sun comes signs of warning

Through all the world, there is unrest in the day

Why do we forget the lessons learned

And soon we pass away

Can you wait

You must wait

Wait longer

Tell my tonight

What is hope and what is real

If we see the light

We’ll know the truth by how we feel

Wait longer

You can’t make a perfect life now in the time

Sometimes I try to make everything right

Sometimes I fall on the ground I wonder why you question my reason

And challenge my pride

There is no choice

Wait for the answer

And lift up your voice