Hold on my heart, where do you hide

You want to believe in love, form the other side

Cancel your dreams, give up your pride

Youí ll do anything to find what you miss inside

Shaking your head in disbelief

Never believing what your eyes now have seen

No where to run, what should you do

You have no reason why your love lied to you

Tears only fall, you canít fly with a broken wing

Youíre running far away

Where are you now ?

You canít fly when your heart wonít sing

Look to the sun

Do you to find your dream

Thereís a price we all have to pay

Believing in hope

we will find the one who will stay

Do you know the way to go

Where you were in love long before

Praying soon youíll find the right key to the door

You hide from inside your own world

Shattered like glass pieces fall

Alone and lost you fell the pain

When the love is gone

Tears only fall...